Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 25

You are the size of a rutabaga, and your fingerprints have now formed.

Okay, a little late on this picture (sorry!).

Had another Doctor's appointment this week. You were great - heart rate in the 140's. Unfortunately, I gained 11 pounds. :(. I'm not sure, but I think the raspberry doughnuts are to blame. ;). I've gained about 35 pounds so far. That's about as much as I wanted to gain the entire pregnancy, so I'm a little disappointed, but very pleased and grateful that you are healthy and that everything is going well otherwise. In my defense, we've been eating out a lot while we've been finishing packing and I think that I've retained a lot of fluid from the salt. That's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it! ;)

Stats for the Week:
Mood: Happy.
Energy: Tired from moving.
Cravings: I still can't get those dang doughnuts off my mind...

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