Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 19

You are the size of a mango, and you are developing motor skills that allow you to make conscious movements.

Big news for the week, but the biggest, by far, is that YOU'RE A...

GIRL! I couldn't be more thrilled, although I would have been happy either way. I always knew you were my "Ava" and now I can officially call you Ava! The ultrasound was at 18 weeks 5 days and good news all around. Everything looked great - heart rate in the 150's and we got to hear it and count all of your fingers and toes. Momma is already so in love with you an cant wait to kiss your precious little face!

Other big news for the week is that we bought a new home! This will give us more bedrooms and space for our growing family. It's perfect for us and Momma and Daddy are very pleased.

The only bad, big news for the week was that I had food poisoning Saturday night (on my birthday). We called the nurse and she said you would be fine, but you did move into the breech position that night. Momma was very very sick - far more sick than she every was with early pregnancy. Just glad it only lasted for a night!

Anyway, here's more pictures from the ultrasound. We are so excited about our Ava Rowan and can't wait to meet you!

Stats for the Week:
Mood: Much happier
Energy: More!
Cravings: Anything BBQ/Cheddar...sigh!  This is nothing that I would even consider eating in "real life" LOL!

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