Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 18

You are about the size of a sweet potato, and you have just learned to yawn.
You are so active! WAY more active than Audrey ever was! It feels like you must be doing somersaults in my tummy! It an amazing feeling and I'm so glad that you are making your presence known - it's comforting. You were especially active when I was playing handbells recently. I don't know whether you enjoyed the noise or whether it startled you, but you were jumping all around.

Our quad test results came back this week perfect, so that was a huge relief! I love you no matter what, but it's really a relief to know that you are healthy. Huge answered prayer! We have our ultrasound next Wednesday. I'm so anxious to know whether you are a boy or a girl!

Stats for the Week:
Mood: Much happier
Energy: More!
Cravings: Cajun food and anything hot or spicy  

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