Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 17

You are the size of a large pear, and you may be sucking your thumb, a habit that you'll likely continue outside of the womb.

Momma had a doctor's appointment this week and it went well. I heard your heartbeat again and it was in the 144-152 range. I've been a little breathless/out-of-breath lately, so they are going to check my blood to see if I'm anemic again like I was when I was pregnant with your sister. They also did the quad blood test. It is so scary to me...I'm just looking forward to receiving good results next week! We scheduled an ultrasound in 2 weeks so we can see you again and know your gender. I just KNOW you are a girl, but I will be completely thrilled either way as long as you are healthy. Heres the names we have picked out:

Girl: Ava Rowan
Boy: Cade Alan

However, I've been liking Gavin a lot for a boy lately, so we may have to talk about it again if you are a boy!

Stats for the Week:
Mood:  Much happier and calmer
Energy: A little more
Cravings: Cajun food and lots and lots of Louisiana Hot Sauce 

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