Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 16

You are the size of an avocado, and you are now coordinated and strong enough to make a fist.

This has really been another uneventful week, honestly! I've been feeling you "popping" around here and there. No real strong movements yet. Been a little preoccupied with your sister this week. She does NOT like me holding or even being close to other kids and babies. She screams and even pushes the other kids. Well, this past week, she got mad at Daddy for hugging me and she got mad when I was pushing your Great Grandmother in her wheelchair! It's like she knows something is up... Well, hopefully she will get over this phase soon. I feel like it will be different when you - her sister or brother - is here. However, right now, she is totally possessive over "her Momma"!! I'm going to try working with her with the baby doll I got her for Christmas.

Well, here's me at the end of this week (don't judge the outfit - I was feeling PJ's). Love you!

Stats for the Week:
Mood:  Happier, but reading a Buddhist book on "anger" LOL!
Energy: A little more
Cravings: Heinz 57 & A1 Chicago Steak Sauce

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