Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 6

You are the size of a grain of rice and the neural tube along your back is closing this week.

Momma had her first ultrasound of you this week at 5 weeks 4 days!  It was truly amazing to see the first images of you.  You couldn't see much this ultrasound, but the doctor said that everything was developing nicely.  I had my first appointment on 5 weeks 5 days (December 21st) and your due date is officially August 17th, 2012, although, you will arrive a bit early by section - more like on or around August 10th.  Can't wait until I get to kiss your precious face for the first time!

Stats for the Week:
HCG on 5w4d:17258
Mood:  Happy
Energy: Tired
Sickness: None
Cravings: Meat and lots of it

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