Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 4

We were so excited on December 6th, 2011 to find out that we were pregnant with you!!  I cannot express the joy that I am feeling and the thankfulness and gratefulness to God!  We are so blessed to have you as our second miracle and newest member of our family!

We found out super early at 3 weeks 4 days and Momma went in immediately to have some blood work done and get on some medicine.  Momma suspected that she was pregnant with you, but wasn't sure until I got the positive test!  The BBQ Chicken Pizza that I ordered over the weekend definitely had me wondering.

You are now nearly the size of a mustard seed and your umbilical cord is starting to form.

Stats for the Week:
HCG on 3w4d: 54
HCG on 3w6d: 178
Mood:  Happy and grateful!
Energy: Plenty
Sickness: None
Cravings: BBQ Chicken Pizza

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