Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 11

You are the size of a small fig, and the first signs of teeth are starting to appear below your gums.

This was a really busy week and again, thank goodness for your Daddy or I could have never gotten through everything!  I hosted a shower for your Aunt Kara (and Michael) at my house and Audrey got tubes amongst all of the other craziness.  I'm still pretty sick.  I found that spearmint gum (which normally makes me sick) actually helps.  I'm also having problems with my blood sugar being low.  I think it has to do with morning sickness.  Hopefully this will go away soon because it is definitely not making me feel any better.  Sorry to be a downer this week...I'm just ready to feel good again!  I'm still VERY EXTREMELY happy to be pregnant with you!!

Stats for the Week:
Mood: Kinda down, but grateful
Energy: Notta
Sickness: Still Nausea
Cravings: Hamburgers

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