Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 15

You are the size of an apple, and your blood vessels are growing and getting stronger now.

This wasn't an eventful week, except that I'm very tired and sore.  I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping and the less sleep I get, the more sore I am.  On a brighter note, it appears that morning sickness and low blood sugar problems are completely gone and I'm feeling a lot better and able to manage my weight gain better.  You are moving like crazy and I can usually feel you at least twice a day, which makes me very happy.

Stats for the Week:
Mood:  Really, really cranky
Energy: Zero
Sickness: Gone!
Cravings: Baked potato with butter, sour cream & Heinz 57

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 14

You are the size of a medium-sized nectarine, and this week, your thyroid will start working.

This has been a really great week!  I feel so much better!  I did go out and buy some pricey maternity jeans, however, they made me feel so good that they were worth every penny!  First pair of the skinny leg jeans and I buy them when I'm pregnant LOL!  In my defense, all of the others were too long and I would have had to have them altered.  How are you already the size of a nectarine?!  I cannot believe you are getting so big and can't wait to see your precious face!  Valentine's Day was this week and your sister had a blast eating sweets, but Momma didn't eat many because I'm not as hungry as I used to be and have been craving healthier things this week (thank goodness!)  The doctor last week said I could quit taking progesterone anytime.  However, I was scared to immediately stop, so I took it a few more days.  However, I did quit taking it and am getting the ever-so-tiniest feeling of more energy.  Also, I SWEAR I can already feel you moving around.  It only happens about once or twice a day, but I'm pretty sure it's you!  I can't believe I can feel you this early.  You MUST be pretty active!  :)

Okay, I know that the sticker says 12 weeks, but I forgot to take the photo, so this is actually a little over 13 weeks. You can see what I mean about the big early baby belly! I love you!

Stats for the Week:
Mood:  Much happier!
Energy: A wee bit more than normal, but still tired
Sickness: Much better!
Cravings: Salads and Tuscan House Italian Dressing

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 13

You are the size of a tangerine, and your vocal cords are beginning to develop.

You'll never believe it, but the nausea came back with a vengeance after a five day reprieve!  However, it did manage to go away again by the end of the week (thank goodness!)  This was another busy week.  Your cousin Michael was born so we went up to the hospital several times to see him and Aunt Kara.  He is so adorable and I know that you are going to be big pals just like Daniel and Audrey!  I had another OB appointment this week and eating through the nausea did cause a pretty big weight spike.  :(  However, I'm confident that now that I'm feeling better and not having to eat as much, that I will gain weight at a much slower rate.  The doctor did say that the low blood sugar and nausea were all related.  So very happy to be pregnant with you and so glad you are doing great and healthy!  I got to hear your heart rate for the first time on the monitor and it was such a wonderful sound!  The doctor had a hard time finding it because you were moving around so much lol!

Stats for the Week:
Mood:  Happy and grateful!
Energy: Still exhausted
Sickness: Nausea again, but went away...again!
Cravings: Veggie sandwiches

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 12

You are the size of a lime, and you now has soft fingernails.

Praise God!  I FINALLY got some relief from the nausea at the end of this week!!  And, I'm not as ravenous as I normally am, so I am in much better spirits!   I think maternity clothes are going to be in my future in the next week or so.  My belly has gotten so big that my biggest size of my skinny jeans to longer fit.  I've been wearing the "bella band", but I really do hate walking around with my pants unzipped all the time - even if it is hidden.

Stats for the Week:
Mood:  Much happier!
Energy: Still tired
Sickness: Nausea subsided at the end of this week
Cravings: Nothing unusual